Creamy Sauce Originating

Zhou Sauce Is A Creamy Sauce Originating In The Middle East

Zhou sauce is a creamy sauce originating in the Middle East and used to flavor preparations with lamb, fish, chicken, bread, assorted, vegetables, falafels, and Shawarmas. It is also a delight with eggs for breakfast, mixed with a little yogurt as a topping for a salad, or as this simple plate of brown rice with beans, caramelized onions, and tomatoes.

I made this zhoug sauce at the beginning of this year for Sambo magazine and I really liked it a lot, since then I have promised to upload it here to the blog. Today I finally prepared it taking advantage of the fact that it had fresh parsley and coriander and I even managed to make a reel for Instagram, so there you can see the process.

Here on the blog, you can find the recipe for falafels and the two types of shawarmas, vegetarian and chicken, which would be very good with this zhoug sauce. Other recipes that zhoug pairs wonderfully are mashed potato baked sweet potato, and Roasted lamp.

It keeps very well in the fridge, tightly closed for up to two weeks. Also making zhug sauce is a good excuse for when the cilantro and parsley that we keep in the fridge are getting ugly. A recommendation so that the zhug is not going to be strong in flavor is to remove the sprout or germination that the garlic cloves have.