Car Insurance

Which Car Insurance Suits You The Best Bee?

There is still quite a lot to consider when taking out car insurance, each person needs something different from car insurance so it is inconvenient to take the same car insurance as your friends or family. It is therefore wise to make your own choice without being influenced by external parties. This article gives you some tips to find out which car insurance is best for you. This relates to general tips, to find out what the specifics are per insurer it may be wise to do a car insurance simulation.


In any case, you are obliged to take out third-party liability insurance (third-party liability insurance). This insurance covers any damage you cause to others. You can also choose to take out a third-party liability + limited hull in addition to the third-party insurance. With limited hull insurance you ensure that any damage caused by fire, explosions, or lightning is covered, along with any natural damage such as storms. Theft is also covered. Finally, an asterisk in the windscreen is also reimbursed by the limited hull insurance.

It is also possible to opt for liability insurance + full hull (or all-risk). The all-risk insurance covers almost all damage, but there are some things that are not covered in this case, including wear and tear and depreciation. Also, damage caused by the driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not compensated, as is intentional damage. Please note that coverage with different insurers can vary, so before you start taking out car insurance, it is wise to check the list of coverages.

Additional Insurances:

There are some additional insurance policies that may be useful to you. For example, you have damage insurance for passengers. This additional insurance covers (as you might have guessed) any damage done to the property of the occupants or the occupants themselves. This also applies to fellow passengers. It is also possible to opt for no-claim protection. This means you will not lose a no-claim discount in the event of any damage. However, this does not ensure that you have any claim-free years if you do damage, so switching to another insurer may make you regret it. The most commonly taken out supplementary insurance is the legal expenses insurance. This additional insurance ensures that you receive legal assistance in the event of a conflict.

Own Risk:

As with any other insurance, you can increase the deductible to save on monthly costs. If you have little or no damage to your car, it can be advantageous to have a higher deductible. For example, you can set aside the money you save so that in the event of damage you still have the money to pay for this damage. In many cases, a higher deductible is more beneficial in the long term than a low deductible.