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Tourist Places to Visit in Kerala

Arranging A Trip to Kerala? Here is our rundown of top traveler spots to visit in Kerala

Kerala is the place that is known for quiet cross section of backwaters and lakes, beacons and beaches, boats and palm trees. Here you will feel time change gears and respite down its speed, influence with the coconut trees and parlor lethargically on sands. There are simply so many astonishing vacationer spots to visit here in Kerala that one excursion will miss the mark concerning covering them all. This southern territory of India is an all-year vacationer location and what difference would it make? Kerala has the best climate, probably the best traveler spots to visit and a culture that simply allows you to liquefy in. Make your excursion a noteworthy one in Kerala by ensuring shot visits to urban communities like Kochi, Munnar, Alleppey, Wayanad, Kumarakom and some more that are portrayed underneath.

Visit in Kerala
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Alappuzha (Alleppey)

Alleppey is one of the most famous traveler places in Kerala, known for its flawless backwater visits, snake-boat races, (generally held in August consistently), immaculate beaches, and marine and coir items ventures. Alleppey beach is a famous excursion spot for local people as well as sightseers. We enthusiastically suggest a houseboat ride through the backwaters at nightfall. We dare say it very well may be one of the most supernatural and artistic encounters of your life. A fascinating encounter here is examining the neighborhood liquor – coconut drink, which is generally served in a coconut shell itself. Trust, you have the head to deal with it!


Kovalam in a real sense alludes to a ‘forest of coconut trees’ and that is precisely exact thing you can hope to see as here. Influencing tall palms line the whole stretch of the moon molded beach, notable for its wipe and delicate grayish sand. Kovalam is in many cases hailed as the Paradise of the South due to its postcard wonderful perspectives. Fish darlings can enjoy new dinners of lobster, prawn and fish, curried or barbecued according to your sense of taste. Various yoga and ayurvedic rub focuses have likewise opened up, so you should rest assured about a casual excursion.

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Kumarakom is a group of little islands on the Vembanad Lake. Birds, for example, Egrets, Darters, Herons, Teals, Waterfowls, Cuckoos, Wild Duck and the Siberian Stork should be visible at the bird safe-haven situated here. In the event that you’re a shell individual, you will likely have a field day as there are huge stores of shells in the sand and shallow waters here. A couple of enormous retreat chains have opened shop here so you can anticipate an extravagant stay. The dirt in this locale is very prolific making it a tropical heaven of mangroves, paddy fields and coconut manors.


A should visit slope station, Munnar adds variety to the rundown of traveler places in Kerala. Munnar is set apart by immense scopes of evenly edited tea ranches, approaching provincial manors, chattering creeks, invigorating cascades and delightful weather conditions lasting through the year. You can partake in a picturesque climb or maybe decide to cycle down the thin, yet flawlessly kept mountain streets.

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The Periyar backwoods of Thekkady is one of the best nature saves in India, set high in the mountains of the Western Ghats, covering an area of 925 kilometers. A fine objective for a really long time, undisturbed mountain strolls, it is likewise home to the breathtaking Periyar River. A morning barge ride down this stream is a virtual Nat Geo experience! On one or the other side of the waterway is thick backwoods with dispersed open spaces. You’ll have the option to detect crowds of washing elephants, deer, wild pig, intriguing birds and on the off chance that you’re fortunate, even a tiger or two out on its morning trip.


The secret slopes of Wayanad are home to the absolute most established clans yet immaculate by progress. Pre-notable inscriptions tracing all the way back to the Mesolithic Age have been found around this area. Wayanad is a bio-different district known for its sub-tropical savannahs, zest ranches, lavish woodlands, and rich social customs. A significant fascination here is the Sentinel Rock cascade, where individuals frequently go stone climbing. Another should visit is the Muthanga untamed life safe-haven, which is the greatest save of wild creatures in the Malabar area. You will get an opportunity to detect elephants, spotted deer, buffalo, tigers and wild bears in this safe-haven.


Kochi or Cochin is one of the significant urban areas of Kerala, an old port that turned into the passage for unfamiliar shippers into India. With its British Colonial appeal hanging thick in the air, design that is old and exceptionally lovely, beaches and docks that require some investment, Kochi is a marvelous eruption of sensations. The absolute most sought after traveler locales here are Fort Kochi, the renowned Chinese fishing nets, Cherai Beach and Mattancherry Palace. Looking for flavors, coconut items and Kasavu sarees in Kochi is a must-do.


Thiruvananthapuram, additionally contemporarily known as Trivandrum, is the capital city of Kerala. One more city inundated by the pilgrim beguile, Trivandrum is embellished with shocking engineering, castles and sanctuaries. The most well known castle is Kuthira Malika or Puthen Malika Palace that houses curios from the Travancore imperial family and the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Different spots of interest incorporate Napier Museum, Vellayani Lake, Lighthouse Beach and Kovaam Beach.


Recent known as Calicut, Kozhikode is a beach town in Kerala that has been a chill, loosened up holiday spot for sightseers. Kozhikode has additionally been named the flavor capital of India and for clear reasons. Its huge shores and simple accessibly through water course made it an area of interest in flavor exchange. Today the spot is well known for laid-back beaches, backwaters and dams. A few intriguing spots to visit are Kappad Beach, Payyoli Beach, Kappad backwaters, Kalipoika and Peruvannamuzhi Dam.


Varkala is a little beach front town in Kerala, found exceptionally near Trivandrum. A low spending plan trip is best spent in Varkala, what with stream of wonderful serene backwaters and sanctuaries are center points of religion and otherworldly arousing. Probably the best sparkles here for visiting are Janardhana Swamy Temple, Sivagiri Mutt and Chirayinkeezhu. For beaches and backwaters, you have the Kappil Lake and Thiruvambady Beach. Try not to miss the Varkala Lighthouse and Varkala burrow.

Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park, situated in Thekkady, is one exceptionally well-known public park, of Kerala as well as all of India. Most other public parks in the nation open occasionally, however Periyar is open over time. Indeed, even weighty storms don’t hamper safaris and the travel industry here. You should visit Periyar National Park for the wild elephants wandering around uninhibitedly, and tigers found relaxing by waterway banks. For an exceptional encounter go for elephant back safaris or boat rides on the lake.


As of not long ago you probably read an extremely touristy rundown of spots in Kerala. Puts that you would track down on most other comparable postings. This one however, is the sort of spot that is off course. In the event that you don’t believe the vacationer turmoil should encompass you yet need the full Kerala experience then Kannur is your place — beaches, ceremonies, culture, weavers and back rubs. Outright tranquil delight.

Sargaalaya Crafts Village

Sargaalaya is a unique assigned town situated in Iringal, laid out by the Kerala Tourism Department to advance nearby specialty and skilled workers. It has won the public honor for best provincial the travel industry and oozes a natural quality. Its lovely arrangement invites you into its folds and before you know, you are lost in the varieties and specialties, winds around and products in plain view. In excess of 400 craftsmans accumulate here in December-January to observe South India’s greatest workmanship fair. Yet, on the off chance that you haven’t arrived as of now, there will in any case be bounty products for you. There are rowing and sailing exercises likewise accessible.

Poovar Island

At a ride of 30-minutes down Kovalam’s coast lies the Poovar Island, home to delightful water lodges. You can get your Instagram-commendable Maldives experience here, at not exactly a portion of the costs and more open spaces. Travelers have not gotten whiff of this spot yet so you are having confidence to track down less group. The interesting angler’s way of life here will slow the speed of your life as well, and the houses on water will set a tranquil, musical beat to your vacation. Make a point to visit here for no less than 2-3 days.


After this large number of beach and lake towns, here’s one that is landlocked. Idukki is known for its thick, green woodland cover that envelops in its lap tea ranches, production lines, elastic manors, untamed life safe-havens and home stay-like cottages. Since it is away from the ocean, summers don’t sear as hard and winters are very cool, so you can visit whenever of the year. Eravikulam National Park is a should visit when here.


Promoted as India’s own Mecca, Sabarimala is a sanctuary town attracting the biggest group all of India. Second biggest on the planet. It is situated inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve and is honored by the cooling impact of Pampa River streaming nearby. Master Ayyappa is venerated in the sanctuary here and individuals from varying backgrounds, all pieces of the nation crowd its entryways. With the encompassing slopes and timberlands, this is a quiet put and one that should be on your schedule when in Kerala


Bekal is a little town situated on the Malabar shoreline. With its fort, which is the biggest in all of Kerala, Bekal draws in a swarm of travelers. Also, the backwaters, beaches and back rub shacks in abundance makes its significantly really captivating. Winter months are very great here, and should be liked for a little while.


Thrissur is the center of Kerala’s old-style expressions. From performing expressions to artworks and show, strict locales to celebrations — Thrissur is desired by vacationers from everywhere the world. The main celebrations here are the Onam Festival and Thrissur Pooram celebration. Do likewise visit the Vadakkumnathan Temple when here.


Likewise called Palaghat, this little town is about curious landscapes and pleasant paths that open into the backwaters. Since Palakkad is situated in a mountain pass of the Western Ghats, it is honored with both oceanic as well as precipitous scene — so expect paddy fields as well as palmyras. Spots to visit here incorporate Palakkad Fort (tracing all the way back to eighteenth Century), Hanuman Temple, Viswanatha Swamy Temple (tracing all the way back to fifteenth Century), Kalpathy River, and Malampuzha Dam and rock garden. The Ratholsavam chariot celebration is a sought-after festival here, not to be missed.


Nelliyampathy is a tranquil slope station riding the Tamil Nadu and Kerala line. Home to cardamom, espresso and tea ranches, Nelliyampathy is fragranced in each edge of its scene. The lavish green vegetation just improves the magnificence of its hilly landscape. On the off chance that you are searching for a heartfelt escape or eco-the travel industry, this is the spot. Journey, experience, strolls, celebrations and unwinding proliferate here.