The WOW Amusement Park

The WOW Amusement Park’s Attraction

A must-see attraction for water park fans.

The WOW Amusement Park is one of the most fantastic water parks in the world, which was also chosen as the best in the world in the Global Brand Award competition. With a huge area, dozens of slides, and a lot of highly invested and exciting water attractions, there is no doubt that this is a must-see attraction for the water park lovers among you because if you don’t visit yet, water world you will never know what a perfect water park is!

The huge park covers about 150 dunams and offers over 40 slides and water facilities. Among the multitude of colorful, fast, and exciting slides, you will also find slides that are unique only to this park, which you will not be able to experience anywhere else in the world. In addition, you can enjoy and get wet on slides adapted to all ages and levels of courage, extreme slides, a one-of-a-kind roller coaster (and water), a variety of swimming pools, wave pools, a surfing pool, a water wars area, tubing activities and even a 5D movie theater in it during the movie Befitting of this place, you will also experience water splashing.

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WOW Amusement Park’s ticket price

If you want to check the ticket price, you have to check here. You have to know one thing Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

The selection of attractions in the park is divided into 3 main categories:

WOW Amusement Park’s Attraction for children

Three water slides for the little ones, who will be experiencing the experience of the water slides for the first time.

Tot’s Playground – a designated area for children with shallow water pools and moderate slides, where they can enjoy themselves together with their parents.

Cannon Point – is a particularly fun water wars area.

Family Activities

Water wars complex – buy a bucket of water balloons and throw them using special rockets. Attack everyone around you and make sure no one is left dry.

Cines plash – a cool and wet cinema experience. Watch the movie in 5 dimensions, full of effects of water being splashed and thrown on the viewers, moving chairs, water explosions, and a host of other effects that create a viewing experience like you’ve never experienced before.

Marah Fortress – a particularly fun active complex full of diverse attractions for the young crowd: slides, water geysers, water cannons, and a variety of other fun water activities for the whole family.

Yadi Yas – an experiential cruise for the whole family, on inflatable boats, down a gorgeous artificial river, full of twists, waves, and fun.

Extreme Attractions

Jebel Drop – not for the faint of heart! The steepest water slide in the park, where the bravest among you will slide from a height of about 10 floors and at an enormous speed, from the highest point in the park to the bottom.

Lima Loop – have you tried free falling in a water slide? One of the most special and terrifying slides, where you will fall free-falling at dizzying speed.

Rush Rider – a special wave pool that simulates a wavy sea and allows those interested to experience surfing for the first time and professionals to enjoy surfing in an ideal environment with waves that never end.

Bandit Bomber – a one-of-a-kind roller coaster (and water), in which you’ll find yourself flying through the air, hanging over water cannons, and traversing an especially exciting and wetting track at a crazy speed.

In addition to all these, you can enjoy a selection of slides where your friends can slide alongside you, on parallel tracks in a wet, exciting, and extremely fast competition.

The WOW Amusement Park

Special Attractions

Beyond the multitude of slides, the park also offers other special activities:

Underwater VR Experience – a virtual reality experience underwater. This is a unique and first attraction of its kind, where while diving you will enter one of four magical worlds, for a sensory experience that cannot be explained in words: flying in the air, floating in space, or a journey to the depths of the ocean.

The attraction involves an additional cost of 75 dirhams per person and must be coordinated upon your arrival at the park.

Pearl Diving Experience – a fun diving experience, for young and old alike, in which you will dive into a huge water tank in search of oysters and the pearls hidden in them. You can choose to incorporate the pearls into jewelry afterward, as a unique souvenir from the park and the visit to the United Arab Emirates.

Participation in this attraction must be coordinated at the service desks in the park.

Food and Drinks

Throughout the park, there are cafes, restaurants, and stalls, with a selection of light foods, meals, and menus adapted to the whole family.

Souvenirs from the visit

At the end of your visit, you can visit the park’s souvenir shops and purchase souvenirs from a huge selection, which includes a variety of clothing and fashion items from the park’s brands, towels, dolls, photos of you taken in the various facilities, and even oysters and pearls to be incorporated into jewelry.

Park operating hours: 10:00-18:00. The hours of operation vary between the different months and according to the season.

Parking on site for park guests arriving with a private vehicle.