New Zealand Visa

New Zealand Visa For Belgian Citizens

This article covers the ETIAS requirements, Application process, Fees, and validity of New Zealand visa for Belgian citizens. It is not exhaustive, but should give you a basic idea of the process. We hope you will find this information helpful! If you are planning to visit New Zealand soon, read this article! We have included the most important information in this article! Continue reading to learn more about ETIAS for Belgian Citizens.

ETIAS requirements

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a response from ETIAS within minutes. If your application is denied, you have the option of adjusting your details or reapplying. To appeal a decision, you must be able to show that you are an innocent victim of discrimination or an application was erroneously rejected. The ETIAS National Unit provides detailed instructions on appeals.

Application process

The application process for a NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR BELGIAN CITIZENS involves submitting four documents. For citizens of Belgium, this can be done online. The visa is valid for three months. There is no need to be present during the application process. After completing the online application form, the Belgian visa officer will contact the applicant via email. If additional documents are required, they will be requested for the approval process.

New Zealand Visa
New Zealand Visa


There are a number of fees associated with a New Zealand Visa for Belgian citizens. These fees are intended to support the development of the country’s tourism industry and maintain the overall infrastructure. Belgian citizens can also visit New Zealand for a short period of time. Those seeking a longer stay must pay additional fees to travel indefinitely. However, the fees for a New Zealand Visa for Belgian citizens are very reasonable.



If you are a Belgian citizen, you can apply for a working holiday visa to New Zealand. However, you must have a minimum of $4,200 to spend in the country during your stay. Belgian citizens can work and study while in New Zealand, but they cannot bring their children with them. Belgian citizens with partners must apply for separate visas. The validity of a New Zealand Visa for Belgian citizens is two years.


The visa application process requires applicants to provide fingerprints and facial scan. Fingerprints must be of high quality. Children under the age of twelve do not need to be taken. People whose fingerprints have not been taken previously must provide a medical certificate stating that they are physically incapable of providing them. Fingerprints are stored in the Visa Information System, so they can be used in future applications within five years.

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Pre-departure testing

The pre-departure testing requirement for Belgian citizens is no longer in force, as New Zealand is a Quarantine-Free Travel (QFT) country. The pre-departure testing is for those arriving by air or sea. However, travellers who enter via sea must be vaccinated or undergo a COVID-19 test, which must be returned 72 hours before they leave for New Zealand.

Note: This is not permanent information. It depends on government policy.