Murshidabad Weather And Best Time To Visit 

Arranging A Trip To Murshidabad? Here is a preview of Murshidabad’s climate and the best opportunity to visit here.

Murshidabad in West Bengal is a famous traveler objective in the state. A significant spot which includes noticeable in Bengal’s set of experiences during the eighteenth 100 years, keeps on drawing individuals for a few fascinating designs and places it has. All around associated with significant towns and the capital city of Kolkata have expanded interest in the town. Weather conditions anyway assume a significant part in Murshidabad’s travel industry. Summers being particularly blistering and unmanageable, the travel industry in the town is confined to not many months of the year as it were. Here is a manual for best for a little while in.


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Summer (April to June)

Like most places in the state, Murshidabad encounters sweltering heat and humidity. Summers are warm, moist, and hot. The searing intensity is agonizing and has the sun pounding persistently and brutally on all. The temperature passes the 40°C boundaries effortlessly. May and June are the most sultry and hardest months for Murshidabad and its kin. The late-spring months are fairly better and they witness periodic showers, hailstorms, and tempests which help to hold the temperature and intensity under tight restraints. These tempests are prevalently alluded to as Kal Baisakhi across the state. However, come May, all downpours vanish. It is the most un-ideal time for visiting and is firmly suggested not an arrangement an outing during these months.

Storm (July to September)

Storm sets in the period of July bringing relief from the serious intensity of the mid-year months. Murshidabad encounters incredibly weighty precipitation with August encountering the most noteworthy measure of precipitation. The weighty precipitation causes periodic flooding in the locale which makes travel and driving truly challenging. Weighty downpour and ice slush cover the entire town. It isn’t the most ideal time for visiting Murshidabad on the grounds that perpetual precipitation makes investigating the various attractions in the city extremely intense. Being offseason, in any case, you can get a few arrangements on inn levies.

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Winter (October to March)

With summer and storms ending up not the most ideal times to visit Murshidabad, winter is the main time great for an excursion. From October to March the weather conditions treat everybody well. It is cool, agreeable, and charming and the town sees a weighty footfall of travelers. Winter likewise harmonizes with various celebrations that are commended with much intensity. Durga Puja and Kali Puja are the two celebrations when the whole locale decks up. There are pandals wherever celebrating the homecoming of Maa Durga. Following this in Diwali, Goddess Kali is loved with equivalent enthusiasm. Temperature doesn’t go beneath 5°C which implies that winters are not freezing cold. Touring and voyaging are agreeable.