Shirt And Jeans

Looking For An Impeccable Total Denim Look Cannot Miss The Shirt And Jeans

With details that make them super desirable garments, if your thing is denim you cannot miss them.

Click on the image to discover the shirt design that is sweeping Instagram and is perfect for your looks with jeans./IMAXTREE

We already commented here that the denim fabric set is the easiest and most flattering halftime look with denim shirts and those jeans that we are going to wear with everything. And in Uterus we have found the impeccable total denim look that you will not want to miss because it simply falls in love.

Composed of a shirt and jeans, both garments are accompanied by details that make them super desirable garments that you will not want to stop wearing. And both garments come in dark denim, so we can get a lot out of them with black jackets and coats.

The shirt comes with a Peter Pan collar with ruching, which is longer at the back, and a V-neckline.

Straight cut, the front buttons are snap buttons and in gold, a detail that undoubtedly gives a different air to the garment.

The matching pants come with the same buttoning on the outer sides of the legs, which ends with a slight opening at the hem.

Although the matching belt is not included, it can be purchased separately and the pants are straight with a zip and metal button closure.