Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal – Myths and Facts That You Should Know

In the recent past, there has been great hype for laser hair removal technology with millions of people across the world trying this method for getting rid of unwanted body hair. While it is a very famous method for hair removal, still there are many myths associated with laser hair removal Oakville, which we are going to discuss in this blog.

Myth: Laser Hair Removal is Not Safe for all Skin Types.

Well, this is simply not true because laser hair removal has been found to be quite a safe and effective treatment option for hair removal. And it has been noted that it rarely causes any serious complications or lasting side effects. It is pertinent to mention that this is a relatively safer treatment, based on the type of laser system that your provider uses for removing hair. As long as a dermatologist is using FDA-accredited laser technology, there is nothing to worry about.

Myth: Lasers Can Cause More Hair to Grow.

Of course, many people think the same. It’s because they’ve never tried laser hair removal Oakville. The fact about this technology is that a laser can never cause more hair to grow. There are millions of people opting for this treatment option and the success rate is very high, which describes the results and effectiveness of laser hair removal treatment. But I’d like to add here that everyone has his or her own hair growth pattern that keeps changing over time. So, it is suggested to discuss your case with the dermatologist and then proceed safely.

Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal

Myth: Lasers are equally effective for all hair types.

While laser hair removal is an effective choice for dealing with unwanted body hair, it is a fact that this is not equally effective for all considering the fact that everybody has different hair types and textures. According to experts in the industry, laser hair removal works better on thick, coarse hair as compared to light-colored fine hair. Skin color also plays a vital role. Dark, thick hairs on light tones are best targeted by all types of laser.

Myth: Lasers will expose you to Harmful Radiation

This is one of the most common myths believed by the global population. Laser hair removal is an FDA-approved treatment and is carried out using an FDA-approved laser system for removing unwanted hair. The process is very safe and does not cause any kind of harm by releasing harmful radiation as this is tested at the international level and then made available for public use.

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Myth: One Long Session can give Lasting Results

No, you are going to need to visit for multiple sessions of laser hair removal Oakville if you want to rip the benefits of complete treatment. Experts claim that it is impossible to permanently damage the roots of all the hairs in that area in a single session. So, you must visit for multiple sessions regularly.