South Island

The ultimate 3-week itinerary for the South Island of New Zealand!

In this blog, I share a definitive schedule for quite some time of traveling on the South Island of New Zealand. In three weeks you can live it up on this lovely South Island with this schedule. We went by campervan and set up camp at a wide range of lovely camping areas, however you can likewise follow the schedule underneath on the off chance that you rest in lodgings.

Agenda South Island: Christchurch and Banks Promontory (1 day)

We start our excursion in Christchurch. In any case, we just went through the night on a campground beyond Christchurch, after which we proceed with our way the following morning to the Banks Promontory. Christchurch isn’t known as a lovely city and a major area of the city is as yet obliterated after the overwhelming tremor of the last few years. The Banks Promontory is a nature hold comprising of two old volcanoes, just 90 minutes drive south of Christchurch. Here you can do a wide range of short and long climbs. The way to it alone is beneficial. After an evening of climbing, we drive (in 2.5 hours) to Temuka, where we will just go through the evening.

Schedule South Island: Temuka, Moeraki, Dunedin, and Kaitangata (1 day)

Promptly in the first part of the day we leave Temuka and are en route to Moeraki, however before we arrive, we choose to make a short diversion towards the Elephant Rocks. This is disheartening, so better you skirt this, which likewise saves you an hour of movement time. We pass through the town of Oamaru, a decent town to stop for some time. After an hour we show up in the town of Moeraki where among others the Moeraki Manufacturers are found. These are certainly worth a visit.

Then, at that point, we drive for one more 90 minutes to Otago Landmass (Sandfly Cove), a promontory close to the town of Dunedin. Dunedin itself is by all accounts a tomfoolery, to some degree elective city to go through a day, yet we need to see the marine life for which the landmass is renowned. At night we drive 90 minutes to Kaitangata, where we just go through the night en route to Te Anau.

We chose not to drive the whole Southern Panoramic detour along the southern coast. Thereafter, we would have done this any other way, since despite the fact that this course is a piece longer, it is by all accounts exceptionally lovely.

South Island
South Island

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Agenda South Island: Te Anau, Manapouri (2 days)

From Kaitangata it is a 2.5-hour drive to Manapouri. Manapouri is near Te Anau yet is significantly less touristic. Here we climb portions of the Kepler Track and partake in the perspective on the lovely lakes Lake Manapouri and Lake Te Anau. We encourage you to remain in Manapouri very much as we did!

It is feasible to walk the Milford Track around here (in 3 days), be that as it may, you need to book well ahead of time, around 6 to 9 months ahead of time. Strolling a piece of the Milford Track in a day is likewise a choice. For this, you will be brought to a beginning stage by boat. Costs are +/ – 100 bucks for every individual.

Agenda South Island: Milford Sounds (half day)

From Manapouri, we drive in 2.5 hours to Milford Sounds, a region brimming with Fjords where we will go on a boat outing. We have selected an excursion of two hours, however you can likewise pick a short-term visit on the boat. An option in contrast to Milford Sounds is Far fetched Sounds. We found it hard to pick either Milford and Dubious. Suspicious is much more profound into the fjords and the boat trips take more time. That is the reason we at last settled on the somewhat more touristic Milford Sounds. Also, amazing, it’s wonderful!

There are not really any campgrounds around here, and the camping areas which are accessible, are exceptionally expensive and experience the ill effects of sandflies (little flies that messes with you violently). For that reason we choose to head out to Queenstown after the boat trip. It is a lengthy drive, first back 2.5 hours to Te Anau, and afterward one more 2.5 hours north to Queenstown. Tragically, there is no immediate course from Milford to Queenstown, however an option is to straightforwardly walk. In 2 days you can walk the Routeburn track from Milford Sounds to Glenorchy. The main issue then remains your vehicle, despite the fact that you can have it moved to Queenstown for a couple hundred euros.

Agenda South Island: Queenstown and Glenorchy (2 days)

At the point when we show up in Queenstown, we are stunned by the groups and how touristy this spot is. Thusly we choose to drive an additional 45 minutes towards Glenorchy, which is a little town and furthermore the end/start of the Routeburn Track. We camp here at an incredible camping area, Mrs Wooly’s, a colossal proposal!

The following day we stroll from Glenorchy a piece of the Routeburn climb. What you can likewise track down around here, are the shoot areas of Ruler of The Rings like the Foggy Mountains and Isengard.

We can prescribe you to remain in Glenorchy rather than in Queenstown. Particularly assuming that you come for nature/climbing. Queenstown is the spot to go bungee hopping or other adrenaline sports, however accept me, you can do this coming back.

Schedule South Island: Wanaka (3 days)

From Glenorchy, we drive in two hours to Wanaka. Wanaka is a pleasant town arranged close to Lake Wanaka. There is a lot to do nearby, including visiting grape plantations, lavender ranches, mountain trekking, and various climbs. In any case, we additionally loosen up here, chilling at Lake Wanaka, perusing and messing around.

A brief time frame from Wanaka lies the town of Makarora, from where it is feasible to make helicopter trips over the icy masses. We cherished this and would rehash it! On your way here you will pass Lake Hawea, maybe considerably more pleasant than Lake Wanaka.

Agenda South Island: Mount Cook Public Park and Fairlie (1 day)

Following three great days, we pass on Wanaka and drive in 3 hours to Mount Cook Public Park. During the ride, we pass the wonderful Lake Pukaki which is dazzling blue with the great highest point of Mount Cook behind the scenes. The explanation we drive to this spot is to walk the Mueller Cabin track, a somewhat steep climb towards a major red cottage. Most certainly worth the effort, however, begin strolling in summer on time, you should go up 2000 stages subsequently you should climb a great deal.

In the early evening, we drive in one and a half hours to Fairlie, a little town where we use whatever is left of the day to unwind and watching the smooth way at night. Ordinarily you can see the stars very well here, sadly, we simply have a full moon thus there is an excess of light to see the universe.

On the opposite side of Mount Cook, Public Park are the Fox Glacial mass and Frans Jozef Ice sheet. We avoided these in light of the fact that we have proactively seen wonderful ice sheets in different spots. If you have any desire to visit them, you should do this by helicopter. That is the best way to see them very close.

Schedule South Island: Kaikoura (1 day)

The following morning we start off ahead of schedule. We have a lengthy drive of 5 hours in front of us. En route, we pass a few little towns, for example, Geraldine, and Ashburton, and drive once more close by Christchurch. The way to Kaikoura is tragically still awful after the quake last year.

Kaikoura is known for the incredible chance to recognize whales and dolphins and that is additionally the expectation of our excursion here. The following morning we load up a little plane and spot a delightful sperm whale! It is likewise conceivable to do this by boat, where you have a greatly improved perspective on the creatures. Sadly, the ocean can be very wild, so be ready for nausea. Something that amazed us, especially in Kaikoura was the seashores! Totally deserted, and kilometers long. Extremely decent!

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Schedule South Island: Marlborough (2 days)

After the extraordinary helicopter flight, we get back in the vehicle. An Over two hours drive further and we are in Blenheim, a town in the Marlborough locale. Does that name sound recognizable to you? That is something to be thankful for in light of the fact that this is one of the main wine districts in New Zealand. Here we visit a few wineries in one and a half days (by bicycle), we partake in their wines and the heavenly food.

Agenda South Island: Brilliant Narrows and the Abel Tasman Park (4 days)

Abel Tasman Park is one of the most lovely nature parks in New Zealand. It lies in the north of the south island. Above it lies the Brilliant Cove: turquoise ocean and brilliant sand. We start our time here in the most northern tip of the South Island, at Cape Goodbye (3 hours from Marlborough). Since we have a terrible climate (there is a typhoon coming over) this was somewhat frustrating, however with great climate, it is by all accounts lovely here!

The following day we visit Takaka, an extremely decent flower child town. Then we drive to Totaranui, the main camping area in Abel Tasman Park. The Abel Tasman Park likewise has lovely sea shores, with noteworthy timberlands, mountains and slopes behind the sea shores. These are generally out of reach, just by walking or by kayak from the coast you can enter. Here we do a wonderful climb so we as of now see a piece of the recreation area. The following day we drive to Marahau, a town south of Abel Tasman Park. From here we investigate a piece of the recreation area per kayak. We stay here for two days and partake in the decent campground. You can likewise do multi-day climbs from here and camp in the idea of Abel Tasman Park. Anticipate somewhere around 3 days for this.

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Schedule South Island: Picton (1 day)

Our keep going day on the South Island we spend in the neighborhood of Picton (2.5 hours drive from Marahau). From here we leave by ship to Wellington on the north island. The region where we are presently is known as the Marlborough Sounds, there are lovely nature and wonderful riverbeds that rush to the ocean. Do you have additional time here, then, at that point, think about climbing (part of) the Sovereign Charlotte track.