Taiwan Citizens

How to Get a US Visa For Taiwan Citizens

If you’re a Taiwan passport holder, it may be a little confusing if you’re trying to get a US visa. After all, Taiwan’s immigration controls are notoriously difficult to bypass, but there are ways to expedite the process. Here’s a quick run-down of what you need to know to get started. In a nutshell, you need a Bank account and your personal information to get a US visa for Taiwan. Processing time for a visa is about two weeks.

Bank accounts are required

The process for opening a bank account in Taiwan is not as complicated as it may seem. Most banks accept an ARC or a Republic of China ID card as proof of residence. It’s important to understand the bank’s requirements and read the fine print before applying. Foreigners are more likely to be rejected if they have a bad history of writing checks or have unpaid bills. There are alternative options, such as Statrys.

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Personal information is required

To apply for a US Visa, a Taiwanese citizen must submit certain personal information. Taiwanese citizens must have a valid passport that is valid for at least six months after the date they plan to leave the United States. Applicants must be in good health and have no criminal record. In addition, they must have a credit card or Paypal account. The application process will begin once the payment is made online. After the payment has been made, the visa application process will begin. A few documents may need to be submitted prior to the approval of the visa.

Taiwan Citizens
Taiwan Citizens

Processing time is two weeks

The processing time for US Visa for Taiwan Citizens is two to four weeks, including the two business days it takes to process the application. The visa application form is available online, and must be filled out completely. It will ask for information such as your full name as it appears in your passport, and your contact information. You will also need two recent, color passport photos. The pictures must be taken within the last six months and be on white background.

ROC passports are subject to immigration controls

While Taiwan is a relatively progressive nation in Asia, there is still an issue surrounding its immigration policies. Most notably, Taiwan does not have an asylum law. Many believe this is due to the “China Factor,” but in reality the country was founded by refugees. In fact, its population was approximately 25 percent of the mainland’s population in 1949. It is still subject to immigration controls, but the number of restrictions imposed on immigrants is considerably lower than in the United States.

ESTA is valid for two years

The ESTA authorization is valid for two years, but you have to remember that it expires at the same time as your passport. Therefore, if you’ve already visited the U.S. and your ESTA has expired, you’ll need to reapply. If you’re traveling on a valid visa, you can avoid the hassle of reapplying for ESTA.

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Multiple visits are allowed with an approved ESTA application

If you’re an Irish national who’s planning to visit the U.S. on a short-term trip, you can use ESTA to enter the country. If you plan to visit the country more than once, you must apply for an ESTA before boarding a flight. ESTA is a requirement for all travelers to the United States, whether they plan to stay for 90 days or less.

Note: This is not permanent information. It depends on government policy