Indian Visa

Full Process About Indian Visa For New Zealand Citizens

An e-Tourist Visa is available for New Zealand citizens to visit India. This visa allows you to visit for up to 90 days and is valid for one year. This Indian Visa For New Zealand Citizens is also available for visiting family. e-Tourist visas are not a requirement for work. There is a fee to obtain an e-Visa. It is not necessary to pay it if you are traveling on business.

eVisa fee is country/territorial specific

When traveling to India as a citizen of New Zealand, you need to have a valid passport, an email address, and a bank account. In addition, you need to provide a valid onward and return ticket if you are travelling to India from a foreign country. The fee for an eVisa is country/territorial specific, and you should note that the fee is not refundable.

Visitor visa

The Indian Visitor visa process for New Zealand citizens is simple and straightforward. All New Zealand citizens need to do is apply online for an Indian visa. An electronic visa will allow New Zealand citizens to apply online, without the hassle of filling out a form or visiting the Indian embassy. To apply, simply fill out the necessary travel information, upload the relevant documents and photographs, and pay a small fee of 129 Euro.

Indian Visa
Indian Visa

Work visa

To apply for a New Zealand Work Visa for Indian citizens, you need to find a suitable job offer. Ensure the offer is from a New Zealand-based accredited employer. The job offer acts as a foundation for your application and must be accompanied by all the necessary supporting documents. While filling out the application form, you should make sure that all your details are correct. After that, wait for a few weeks or months before the visa application is approved.

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Critical skills visa

An Indian visa for critical skills is a very common type of visa for citizens of New Zealand. The processing time for this visa is anywhere between two weeks and two to three months, depending on the type of work visa you choose and your nationality. In general, you should apply for an Indian visa for critical skills two months before you plan to leave the country. This is because the processing time can vary between different visa applicants, so make sure you have all of your documents ready before your trip.

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Transit visa

The New Zealand transit visa process is different from the one for other nationalities. It is required for all those citizens who want to visit this country for a short or long stay. The benefits of getting a New Zealand transit visa are several. A visitor visa lets you visit family and friends in New Zealand, do business with New Zealand companies, and much more. There are two main types of permits: long-stay and short-stay. The time period you can stay in New Zealand will vary, and you will have to pay for both.

Note: This is not permanent information. It depends on government policy.