Duo Boards

Duo Boards May Be The Ideal Place For Food Pictures And Product Photos

If you are like me, you probably have a closet full of random tiles, boards, and construction debris as long as you need a fun place to shoot. These new Duo Boards photo booths are committed to transforming my dirty studio, and this photo tutorial shows you how useful these background images can be .Shooting products in the studio area is not an easy way to take pictures. It requires patience, light recording skills, and intelligent processing. People also mistakenly think that you should have a lot of money invested in machinery.

How to Create Strong Shadows And Soft Shadows In Your Photos

Did you know that research shows that viewers create human perception within 1/10 seconds of seeing them? In the same way, viewers judge the brands with just one look. Brands rely on design elements such as color, shape, line, and font to express their identity and values .

Learn How To Light, Shoot, and Organize This Photo Product for Eye Makeup

There is more room for creativity in product images than you might think at first, and part of creating compelling images is how you can add your own style touch in a way that suits the purpose of the product. This excellent video tutorial will show you one example of that by focusing on lighting, photography, and photo editing of a bright cosmetic product.

Duo Boards

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Simple and Direct Image Product Method

Product photography is a complex form that will challenge your real lighting skills and attention to detail. The great part about it, though, is that you can practice it at home, even if you do not have a lot of space, and the strategies you choose apply to a wide range of other types. To help you get started, this great video tutorial will show you an easy and straightforward way to capture a product.

How to Receive a Light Product on a White Background

Product captured on a clean, white background with no distractions the appearance will always be necessary, or bring some challenges to the photographer who creates the image. Those challenges increase when the product fluctuates and lets light pass through it, but this excellent video tutorial will show you how to deal with such a situation to produce the ultimate professional image.

Create Large Product Images With Natural Light

Product photography is a deceptively subtle form of art and to get the most out of it requires knowledge and often a lot of lighting. But that does not mean that many lighting fixtures are always needed. Here’s how one photographer uses only natural light and still gets good results.

Get The Best Silverware Product Using One Light

Photographing something with a bright spot can be challenging, and you may think it gets worse if everything is made of shiny metal. Here’s how to create one of the best cutlery images with a single speedlight. Even if it’s not something you usually do, it’s a good lighting practice, and this excellent video tutorial will show you how to shoot clean glassware on a dark background with only quick lights.

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