Bhandardara Tourism

Bhandardara Tourism and Travel Guide

Arranging A Trip to Bhandardara? Here is a point-by-point Bhandardara the travel industry and travel manual for assist you with arranging a noteworthy occasion

Bhandardara is a rural slope resort in the Western Ghats of Ahmednagar region in the province of Maharashtra. A long ways from the commonplace existence of the urban communities is a slope resort like Bhandardara that gives a back to nature milieu, both for a cool vacationer unwinding with practically nothing to do, or for one who loves to investigate and guzzle the newness of the cool mountain air. With moving slopes crested with remains of old strongholds and covered with wild occasional orchids, yellow Sonki and violet Karwi blossoms, with butterflies and honey bees humming around, Bhandardara is the able spot to spend an end of the week occasion.

Journey up Mt.Kalsubai, the most elevated top in Maharashtra, go on a journey to the sanctuaries, sit by the pit fire on the banks of the beautiful Lake Arthur or go firefly watching in pre rainstorm. Bhandardara has a straightforward laid back country setting that is reasonable for a speedy end of the week escape or a casual occasion.

On the off chance that you are arranging an outing to Bhandardara, our movement and the travel industry guide ought to assist you with arranging a decent excursion.

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Instructions to Reach

Bhandardara has simple access by rail, street or air from the urban areas of Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. The best method for arriving at Bhandardara would most likely be by rail.

By Air:

The closest air terminal is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport at Mumbai that takes special care of worldwide trips as well as to homegrown departures from most Indian urban communities. From the air terminal you could go by street to Bhandardara.

By Rail:

The closest rail head is the Igatpuri Railway Station that serves train associations with a few urban communities including Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Chennai, Hyderabad and New Delhi. Igatpuri is close to Bhandardara and that could be associated with employed taxis.

Bhandardara Tourism
Phot: Bhandardara

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By Road:

You could head to Bhandardara or recruit a taxi from Mumbai, Nashik or Pune. MSRTC transports employ to Igatpuri from most urban areas too. There are state run transports from Igatpuri to Bhandardara.

Getting Around:

There are relatively few choices for vehicles in Bhandardara, so you would presumably drive your vehicle or bicycle around. Most vacationers favor climbing around the district or the retreat you stay in could organize a common jeep or a taxi.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

Bhandardara is a wonderful spot to visit as the year progressed, yet the rainstorm and winters are more enchanting and charming than summers. Peruse on to know why.

Summer (March – June):

Summers are warm and rather sticky and are not the positive time for the travel industry. Individuals truly do visit Bhandardara in summer to move away from the glow of the fields. Pre rainstorm showers in May and June are ideal to watch the fire flies.

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Monsoon (July – September):

Rainstorm transforms the land into a heaven of plant life and these stormy months are probably the best times to spend in Bhandardara. Yet, the showers really do come in weighty and play a spoilsport to a great deal of outside exercises like journeying and rappelling.

Winter (October – February):

Winter with cold evenings and part of the way radiant and cool days are the greatest months to investigate the locale and enjoy open air undertakings as well as outing to the slope stations and traveler towns in the area.

What should be done

Provincial Landscape:

Sail a boat across the Pravara River to visit the towns close to Bhandardara. Ratanwadi, Samrad and Ghatghar are a portion of the little villas that dab the environs of Bhandardara.

Setting up camp by Lake Arthur:

A most loved enthusiasm among travelers is a set up camp under the stars and with a thundering pit fire, near the Arthur Lake. The blue green of waters and lavish Sahyadri lining the lake are an enjoyment to the eyes!

Journey up Maharashtra’s Highest Peak:

The journey up Mt.Kalsubai is testing, yet loaded up with fun. The back to nature venture, be it daily trip or a night journey to watch the stars will undoubtedly be the best experience of all time.

Sandhan Valley:

The 300 ft. high stone dividers and the most unfathomable in the middle between make Sandhan valley probably the best gulch of the Sahyadri mountain ranges. Investigate the radiant gully on a day’s visit.

Experience Tourism:

Get off to an adrenaline siphoning experience time in the Sandhan Valley or sail across the delightful Arthur Lake on a boat. Enjoy rappelling along the lofty precipices, investigate the caverns or climb up the most elevated fog loaded tops!

Fireflies Festival:

Take part in the Fireflies Festival organized by vacationer associations in Bhandardara and Kasara. Watch the little bugs as they light up the obscurity and flutter about looking for a mate.

Precipices of Harishchandragad:

Climb up the most difficult and steepest precipices of Maharashtra, the Konkan Kada that gives the most marvelous perspective on the Konkan locales, over a sheer drop of around 4,000 ft.

Enchanting Cascades:

Who couldn’t want anything less than to watch a cascade or pay attention to the spout of water as it rises over the stones! Spend a cool rainstorm day at the wonderful Randha cascades and the Umbrella Waterfalls that lavish expenditure over the precipices from the Pravara River.

Close by Destinations:

Visit the sanctuary towns of Shirdi, Sangamner and the beautiful city of Nashik, just inside 100 kilometers from Bhandardara. Nashik is an old city eminent for the Kumbh Mela, while Sangamner’s Shanidev and Dyaneshwar sanctuaries are generally celebrated explorer places.

Excursion to Igatpuri:

Assuming it’s of the rainstorm and winter charms of Bhandardara that make them look for more, go on an outing to the interesting slope station of Igatpuri, simply relatively close. Drench yourself in the charms of nature, with cascades, streams and verdant moving slopes galore.


As Bhandardara is a slope resort, there is extremely restricted an open door for shopping. In any case, assuming that you couldn’t imagine anything better than to convey home a souvenir and plan on voyaging further on, Nashik has handiworks, silver gems, brassware and wine, as well as chivdas, manukas or raisins, oranges and grapes that you could purchase.

Assuming that you are visiting Shirdi, just inside 100 kilometers away, you could purchase marble, bronze or wooden dolls of Shirdi Sai Baba, Sai Satcharitra and more strict books, wraps, mementos and small strict knickknacks to be gifted away as trinkets, prasad of bhoondi ladoos, incense sticks and oranges that are imported from Nagpur.


There are very restricted choices for eating out in Bhandardara. Most eateries ought to be educated ahead of time in the event that you are wanting to take a feast. Eateries present Indian food including Maharashtrian, Punjabi and Gujarathi passage and you might get Chinese food assuming you like.

Freshwater fish and shrimp as fish are accessible and you could get tasty misal pav, usal and vada pav also, alongside the conventional varanbath or rice and dhal, with khanda poha or upma for breakfast. You could look at the sweet pedha that is sold in slows down over Bhandardara. You could stay for a while at far off towns where you will find small shacks that could concoct a natural however delectable bajra roti with kadhi and onions.