New Zealand Tourist Visa

Applying For a New Zealand Tourist Visa

There are several steps involved in applying for a NEW ZEALAND TOURIST VISA. Listed below are the Fees, Requirements and Validity of New Zealand tourist visas. If you’re unsure of which of these processes you need to follow, read on to learn more about the process. Hopefully, you’ll find this information helpful. Once you’ve received your visa, you’ll be well on your way to exploring the New Zealand countryside!

Application process for a New Zealand tourist visa

If you plan to visit New Zealand and are not sure how to get a tourist visa, then you will be happy to know that most of the applications are processed within five months. However, if you have had a criminal conviction or have any other history that may keep you from visiting the country, you will still need to apply for a tourist visa. An eTA is an electronic visa that is electronically linked to a specific passport. Therefore, if you travel with multiple passports, you should make sure to use one passport for all your trips. You should also bring a printed version of the eTA NZ, even if it is not required. Transit through the Auckland International Airport is mandatory for travelers with eTA NZ.

Before you begin the application process, you must first collect your passport. If you are visiting a relative or friend in New Zealand, you must obtain an invitation letter from the person. The letter must mention that you are not looking for employment in New Zealand, and that you are only visiting acquaintances. Likewise, you must provide a scanned photo of yourself that is less than ten megabytes in size. The application will tell you if your photo does not meet the requirements and provide you with tips for fixing the problem.

New Zealand Tourist Visa
New Zealand Tourist Visa



If you’re planning on visiting New Zealand, then you need to be aware of the requirements for obtaining a New Zealand Tourist Visa. Different types of visas require different documentation, and you need to know the details of each before applying. Citizens of a few countries can travel to New Zealand without having to apply for a visitor visa. For example, eTAs are valid for six months for visitors from more than 60 countries.

If you’re a citizen of a Schengen member state, you must apply for a ‘D’ visa in advance. Generally, you’ll need to get the visa from your national embassy or consulate before traveling to New Zealand. However, some Schengen member states have exceptions for citizens of New Zealand. You can learn more about your requirements for a New Zealand Tourist Visa by reading the following sections.


Fees for a New Zealand tourist visa vary depending on the country of residence. Citizens of over 30 countries are exempted from the fee, though visitors from India do have to pay this amount. They must have a valid passport (which must not expire within three months of their planned stay in New Zealand), and sufficient funds to sponsor their trip, including money for their general needs. Furthermore, they must be genuine tourists.

The process for applying for a New Zealand tourist visa begins by downloading an application form. Once you have completed the application form, you can then proceed to fill out all necessary documents. Next, you must take a passport-style photo of yourself. The photograph must be less than 10 MB. If it is too large, the application will notify you and give instructions on how to fix the problem. You should also pay the required fee before the visa is approved.


A visitor visa allows you to stay in New Zealand for up to six months over a twelve-month period, calculated backwards from the date of entry. You can only stay as long as you have time to use the visa, and if you wish to stay longer, you will have to apply for another visitor visa. If you want to work or study in New Zealand, you must get a different visa. A visitor visa isn’t valid for extended stays, however, and requires additional documentation.

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You should provide your passport number, valid for three months beyond your planned departure date from the country. You should also show good character by declaring any past criminal convictions and notifying authorities. The New Zealand Immigration Department may reject your application if you have a serious character issue. However, they will often waive the good character requirement if you provide a thorough explanation and supporting documentation. If you’re unable to get the visa in time, you should contact the Immigration Department to see whether you’re eligible for an exemption.

Note: This is not permanent information. It depends on government policy.