New Zealand

5 reasons you MUST visit New Zealand!

New Zealand has forever been high on our list of must-dos. Everybody we talk about this nation is very energetic. Furthermore, after 3.5 weeks with a campervan passing through the country, we totally figure out why! In this blog, you will peruse why you likewise ought to make a trip to New Zealand!

1. Nature, is so lovely and various!

Any place you are in New Zealand, when you look outside, the view is stunning. Never before have we been where nature is as lovely and as different as here. From mountains, glacial masses and fjords, to lakes, dynamic volcanoes, and caves. The vast majority within recent memory we spent outside to partake in this. Sailing between the noteworthy Milford Sounds, strolling through Abel Tasman Public Park and obviously the Tongariro Crossing with its delightful sulfur lakes. In any event, driving in the vehicle en route to the following objective, the view is wonderful! For instance, assuming that you pass the reasonable blue Lake Pukaki while heading to Mount Cook. What’s more, the scene is by all accounts totally unique each couple of kilometers In New Zealand you can encounter every one of the four seasons in a day.

Other than the nature, there is this untamed life like dolphins, whales, penguins and obviously kiwis. We were lucky to see dolphins a couple of times and to recognize a sperm whale on a helicopter flight. Also, we saw ocean lions and seals chilling around the ocean. We have spotted many small glowworms lastly got to know our number one.. the sandfly.

Visiting New Zealand implies investing a ton of energy outside. We like visiting urban areas, yet nothing beats the harmony that you view as here. Furthermore, we are certain this outside life will likewise interest you.

New Zealand
New Zealand beach

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2. Get up each day in a comfortable campervan!

Never felt that we would like setting up camp to such an extent! After 3.5 long stretches of setting up camp, we have plans to purchase a camper or shockingly better a major vehicle and afterward convert it into a campervan! Who knows … Albeit the setting up camp air in the Netherlands or Europe can not match that of New Zealand. New Zealand feels like a definitive setting up camp country.

Never set up camp? Then it very well may be difficult to envision what’s the fun of remaining in a little room while at a similar cost you can remain in a lodging. Well for us it is over all the sensation of extreme opportunity joined with a decent portion of comfort. Nothing better than settling on the actual day where you will go that day. You can stop any place you need, open the entryways, unfurl the table and eat in nature. Prepare flapjacks on a small radiator and simply partake in some moment espresso sitting in a lawn seat. Showering under a ‘sun powered shower’ that is freezing cold, on the grounds that, obviously, you neglected to invest the sun in effort.

Furthermore, the best thing about setting up camp? The decent individuals you meet en route. Individuals with whom it clicks so well that you immediately travel together for some time. Bringing about comfortable nights with wine, games and heaps of ‘significant’ discussions!

When might we at any point go once more?

3. The most gorgeous climbs on the planet.

Indeed, from setting up camp to climbing … where are our matching zip pants? In any case, yes nothing beats climbing, walking, visiting and in some cases being quiet for quite a long time, while you have an astonishing perspective each couple of meters!

n New Zealand, there are hundreds, perhaps 1,000 distinct climbs. All with obvious indicators, great offices (latrines, taps, lodges where you can remain for the time being) and consistently an Officer in the area. Getting lost will not occur, and there is something for everybody. Climbs range from 20 minutes to 6 days. At a DOC (Division of Preservation) or on the DOC site, you will find all the data you really want.

The most popular climbs: are Routeburn Track, Kepler Track, Milford Track and Tongariro Crossing. Which is awesome? That relies upon the climate, yet we found the Tongariro exceptionally noteworthy! One tip, the assessed length (expressed on the signs toward the start of the course) of a climb is generally too large. You can frequently do what needs to be done much more efficiently.

4. You can do however many adrenaline exercises as you need!

Could it be said that you are a genuine daredevil? New Zealand is the spot to be! In Queenstown or Wanaka, exercises, for example, Bungee bouncing, boating and skydiving will explode you. Yet additionally, in the remainder of New Zealand, a courageous movement is rarely far away. OK, I need to concede, for me no skydiving or bungee bouncing. In any case, I truly partook in the helicopter trip over the icy masses followed by a ride by a jetboat that takes shots at 100 kilometers each hour over the water!

The costs for these kinds of exercises are very fine, yet would you say you are searching for extraordinary offers? Then, at that point, investigate BookMe. Through this site, we booked extremely modest exercises, only a couple of days ahead of time. In the Abel Tasman Parc, we had a kayak for the entire day for just 20 euro each and when we were in Kaikoura, we flew in a little plane over the ocean looking for whales for an under 70 euro pp.

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5. Cycling between the grape plantations and tasting the wines

New Zealand is an extremely youthful wine country. Most wineries are under 30 years of age. Be that as it may, you can definitely relax, in this brief time frame there has been an enormous number of extremely decent wines! Dispersed over both the South Island and the North Island are a few wine districts with many wineries. These are many times open to people in general and you can simply stroll in during the opening times for a tasting and some of the time a directed visit.

One of the most pleasant recollections within recent memory in New Zealand is going a digit drunk through the delightful grape plantations. We did this in the Marlborough district, one of the most renowned wine locales. Leased bikes, a card within reach and here we go, from one winery to another. Purchase a jug at each house so you can ‘taste’ again the following couple of days.

New Zealand wines are not imported a lot, the creation is in many cases excessively low. It was an unadulterated happenstance (and joy!) that back in the Netherlands, we tracked down wine from Holy person Clair, our number one winery, at our ordinary alcohol store Ton Overmars. Furthermore, presently we have here in the Netherlands additionally tad New Zealand!

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